Freedom of Information Act Request Generator

Michigan's Freedom of Information Act (commonly referred to as "FOIA") is a powerful tool for learning about how your local government operates and spends your money. The Kent County Open Government Project is proud to offer a FOIA Request Generator. This form will ask you for your contact information, the government entity which you want to send a request to, and the details of your request. It will compile that information to generate a PDF file that you can print and mail.

While this tool makes it easy to ask a local government for whatever you're interested in, please note there are several simple rules to follow in submitting a FOIA request:

  • The local government you're cotnacting is not required to create a document to fulfill your request. For instance, they are not required to compile data into a form or report you're asking for. You can, however, ask for all records which pertain to the data you're looking for.
  • The local government will likely charge you for your request. Most will ask that you submit a down payment if the amount they spend to fulfill your request is expected to be more than $50. Anything the local government charges you is your responsibility.
  • This request generator will only work for local governments. Michigan's FOIA does not apply to the federal government.

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